FAQ: Potato Pirates: The Tastiest Coding Card Game
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Can I get Potato Pirates in other languages?

Yes, we are offering print-and-play in different languages to all our backers!

Last updated: October 21, 2017 09:39

How many players can play the game?

3 to 6 players

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

What age group is the game designed for?

6 years old and above

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

How long does it take to learn and play?

20 to 40 minutes

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

What is included in the standard game set?

-The game box -103 cards -70 small potatoes & 14 bigger potatoes (we provided enough for 7 players but if you happen to lose any, just substitute with real potatoes or chips) -A burlap sack to house the potatoes -The Art of Potato War Instructional Manual

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

Can I pledge without a credit card?

No. You can only pay via credit card on Kickstarter.

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

What type of programming concepts will the game cover?

Loops (For & While) Booleans Conditionals Variables Functions Control-Flow Nested Loops Sequential logic Interrupts Bugs

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

What are the Potato Pirate plushies & how do I get them?

The Potato Pirate plushies are 8cm-tall charms. They are only available under certain reward tiers. Please refer to the rewards table on our Campaign page. We are unsure if the plushies will still be available once the campaign ends as it is rather tough to pack both the card game as well as the plushie when it comes to selling them in retail stores. So if you want one, grab it NOW!

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

What is in the 3-hour learning guide?

Backers can use this e-book guide to move from the Potato Pirates into the world of Python programming. Python is a popular programming language used for data analytics, building of websites, games and much more. The cards in the game will be used as analogies to facilitate the learning of the Python language. It will include mini-challenges to help you assess your understanding of the concepts and your ability to apply them in different scenarios.

Last updated: September 07, 2017 13:54

What is in the 12-hour curriculum?

This curriculum is tailored for educators. It includes 6 lesson plans of 2 hours each. They will cover topics such as variables, functions, for loops, while loops, nested loops and conditionals. It will also come with a teacher’s guide on how to conduct lessons; from a detailed introduction to the reviewing of concepts.

Last updated: September 07, 2017 03:03

Can I order the game in different languages?

Cards will all be printed in English, as there was not enough demand for a particular language. However, as was said in the campaign, the project team will be sending out to backers the Print & Play version of the cards in the different languages that are translated.

Last updated: October 27, 2017 11:07

Why are the shipping fees so high per item?

Initially we, too, thought that the shipping prices should decrease as the number of boxes increase. However, we got a rude shock when we received the final quotation from the fulfillment company as it seems like a lot of the prices are fixed at a per item cost. For example, when charging for pick-and-pack, each additional item in the pledge is charged a flat fee of $0.84, packaging material cost also increases as size increases (albeit not much).

Most importantly, the shipping charges actually scale linearly with weight at low quantities (e.g. 1 to 3 boxes) before seeing a significant reduction in cost due to shipping in bulk (e.g. 6-12). For backers who back a lot more, we are able to give them coupon codes for that. In addition to that, each our stretch goals e.g. extra cards and enamel pins are also included in every Black Gold deck add-on. Previously we absorbed some of the shipping in our deck prices but with these stretch goals add-ons, we could not absorb the shipping fees as much. It is on the basis of these factors that we decided on these shipping charges.

We hope this is a satisfactory explanation. Thank you. ‌

Last updated: October 30, 2017 10:04

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For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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